Countryside Montessori School

Countryside Montessori School

Countryside Montessori School offers a unique educational environment, allowing your child to experience the joys of learning through independent discovery and hands-on application.  Our country setting provides the opportunity for your child to care for farm animals (ewes, lambs, ducks and chickens) and harvest gardens, deepening their respect and love for nature and the understanding of "farm to table".  Your child's experiences will include collecting eggs that they use in their baking, hand grinding wheat into flour and baking yeast bread adding the sunflower seeds they have harvested


Hands on application inside and outside the classroom make Countryside a memorable experience for your child.


CMS offers half day and full day programs as well as before and after school daycare.  Explore our program options tab for more information.   

In this link, the founders of Google share the impact of Montessori education on their success:




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