Hillsdale Events

At Countryside Montessori School, communication with our parents is a priority. We provide our families with opportunities to learn more about the Montessori philosophy and its application in your home, volunteer on our farm, attend school programs and discover events throughout the Hillsdale Community.

More About Montessori”: These informational meetings about the Montessori philosophy and materials are designed to increase parents understanding of our approach. Consistency and communication between the school and home will increase the positive impact of a Montessori education on your child.

Volunteer Farmer”: This program provides our families with the opportunity to experience farm life as a family. By picking up feed at the local feed store and feeding animals during our school holidays, your family will deepen its understanding of farm life. Sign- up sheets are available in the front hall during Parent Orientation, our Open House and the first week of school.

All School Events”: These gatherings bring our school community together to share and support each other in the journey of parenting. Dad’s and Donuts, Mom’s Morning, Christmas Concert, Family Night and All School Picnic are memorable celebrations for the children and family.