About Clark Lake

In early 2023, our team decided to open a second school. We were thrilled to find the property on Hyde Rd. Since purchasing it in May 2023, we have been very busy planning and designing a beautiful environment for children with a goal to open in September 2024. Here are some ideas of what to expect at our Clark Lake Campus:


Maria Montessori’s philosophy of independence, real work, self direction and respect is the foundation of our program. We love the independence gained through our cooking curriculum therefore, each classroom will include a child’s height cooking island and sinks. Math, geography, art, practical living, sensorial and handwriting are all areas of the Montessori classroom children will explore.

We will enrich our science curriculum with marine biology experiences. The saltwater and freshwater tanks will encourage responsibility and interest in sea life. Answering questions such as: How do fish breathe underwater?, How do whales stay warm? and Are sounds louder underwater? are just a few examples of activities to be explored.


Outdoor space is very important to us. We spend an hour outside most days (and in most weather including light rain!!) and twice a week, our classes stay outside all afternoon for "outdoor class".

Our natural playground will include rocks, playhouses, logs, a large sandbox, mud pit, gardens, and apple trees. The area will be fenced in with black chain link, wood posts and wood trim on the top and bottom of the chain link.

Inside Space

There are big changes planned for the interior as well. Walls are being removed and large windows added. Child sized kitchens, wood furniture, low sinks, new floors, new lighting and new heating and cooling will assure an attractive and warm learning environment.

Our school will have 5 rooms; 4 primary classrooms and 1 Great Room. Two classrooms are large enough for 30 children each and two will serve 20 children each. Our Great Room will be used for music class and our before/after school program. Our program will serve children ages 33 months (and fully potty trained) to 6 years during the school year and 33 months to 8 years during our summer camp. A Kindergarten program is included.

We are already in the process of interviewing teachers. We are seeking Montessori teachers and assistants with a big heart for children ages. Please email Traci.cmspreschool@gmail.com if you or someone you know is interested.

To join our email list for updates or wait list for the school, please visit this page.