Countryside Montessori

Countryside Montessori School’s journey began in 2005 with just 8 students. We rented space from a church and enjoyed introducing the Hillsdale community to the Montessori philosophy. Big changes came in 2013 when we purchased 5 acres, built a school and a farm. More space was needed in 2018! Today CMS in Hillsdale has 4 primary classrooms and a Great Room for its 80 students.

In 2023, we found an opportunity to bring this wonderful program to a new community. As with Hillsdale, we are working to create a unique setting and program for children that will expand their experiences, nurture their independence and pique their curiosity in learning. We are excited to see new life and hear the sounds of children in this beautiful old building and playground. Our journey begins in 2024. We hope you will follow our progress through the renovations and changes that are in store for this special school.