Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Montessori discovered that children flourish in an environment that offers independence, order and self discipline. Materials appropriate for their age and development allow the children to complete daily tasks without the aid of an adult. Independence coupled with self-discipline creates an environment where children can work diligently and eagerly develop their skills and knowledge at their own pace. Gaining independence builds confidence, motivation and self sufficiency. All of these qualities help prepare the child for future success in primary education and beyond.

The Goals of Countryside Montessori School

Academic Success

To prepare your child for academic success by fostering reading and math beginning at age 3.


To provide a classroom environment that is calm, happy, quiet, and where children are able to learn and are free to direct their learning.


To nurture independence by offering learning activities that are self correcting and age appropriate.

Motivated Learning

To expose each child to cultures, art, science, and music in a way that motivates learning and stimulates curiosity.

Awareness & Respect

To develop an awareness and respect for others through the teaching of manners and the modeling of cooperation and respect.