Areas of the Montessori Classroom


Practical Life:

The exercises for practical life are designed to strengthen fine motor skills and physical coordination needed for a child to function independently in his own environment. Exercises in this area include pouring, spooning, food preparation (cooking as well as washing and cutting fruits and vegetables), hanging and folding laundry, dusting, polishing, and sewing.



Sensorial exercises develop order and intelligence through the senses. Dr. Montessori wrote, “The aim (of sensorial exercises) is an inner one, namely that the child train himself to observe; that he be led to make comparisons between objects, to form judgments, to reason and to decide; and it is in the indefinite repetition of this exercise of attention and of intelligence that a real development ensues.” Exercises in this area include identifying rough and smooth, ordering objects by size and color, puzzles, knobbed cylinders, geometric solids and binomial and trinomial cubes.



The language program begins at age 3 with vocabulary development and sorting. When a child is ready, early reading begins with the learning of the sandpaper letters coupled with handwriting skills. The three-year program culminates in most students spelling, reading and writing fluently. Hands-on materials provide interest and one on one learning allows a child to learn at their own pace.

Decimal System


After learning the numbers 1 to 9, Dr. Montessori’s math materials lead the child through the decimal system. Using hands-on bead materials, children learn the process of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Linear counting and writing numbers are included in our program and introduced when a child is ready.



Our cultural studies include geography (planets and continents), physical science, art and music. Through hands-on materials, an early exposure to cultures around the world stimulates curiosity and interest in the world. Group music lessons include rhythm, Kodaly solfage, movement and traditional songs.

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